Interior Decor : why is it important?

We spend more time indoors than ever before. A study released in 2019 by YouGov, done over 14 countries and 16 000 people in Europe and North America found that we spend 90% of our time inside. While it is crucial that we spend more time outside, playing, exercising, or just walking around, the chance of lowering that number considerably is a mirage. We are spending hours in our homes. Sleeping, yes, but also eating, cleaning, entertaining ourselves and others, reading, talking, playing with our kids, our pets, cooking… We are spending so much time in our homes, yet most of us hardly spend time making it homey.

Here are easy ways to make your house feel like a home. In the words of Eche Martinez, “make sure you’re having fun. What’s more fun than making your own home more beautiful?”

Discover the important points to feel good at home by reading the following article, here.


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