10 Most Valuable Features of Space Designer

Keep track of your prospects with this lead generation software . While visiting your website, your target audience can make accounts for free, design and save their projects, share it with their families, on social media, etc. Your sales team can then access their contact information thanks to their email address, and their projects thanks to the back-office, get in touch with them and help them achieve their project idea. Increase your conversion rate and transform your lead generation strategy into a sales funnel.

Let us modelize your product catalog. Manage all their features internally (price, categories, textures, etc). Our back-office functionality allows you to import your own 3D models if you dedicate a team or a person for that specific task. Keep complete control of your catalog from your end.

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Space Designer 3D

Online floor plan software: design, visualize and walk through interior spaces in 3D real-time #floorplans #architecture #software